Cine Makers Pvt Ltd is a film production company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Cine Makers was founded in 2000 AD (2057 BS) by Mr. K.P. Pathak, a film maker and activist based in Kathmandu. Cine Makers was founded with the goal of promoting Nepali cinema and digital content worldwide, and also to facilitate international film projects in Nepal, and also to facilitate discourses and experimentation in the Nepalese film industry. 

Though the company remained stagnant for a long time, Mr. K.P. Pathak, a film producer & director, and the founder of Cine Makers, has put together a strong team of industry experts and artists with one aim; line production. The team believes that Nepal, with its great natural and cultural diversity, is a destination having great potential for filming. The problem, as the team sees it, is that the world, in general, doesn’t know that Nepal is a great destination for film productions. In this regard, Cine Makers team has been actively promoting Nepal as a filming destination since 2016 and has been offering its services as a line production company.

What we do

Cine Makers (P) Ltd is a film company registered in Nepal. Our services incorporate all the major film services and offerings by a professional film company. They include, but are not limited to,

  1. Line production and film fixing for foreign film shoots in Nepal
  2. Investment in domestic productions (feature films, documentaries, TVCs etc)
  3. Film promotion and distribution (domestic as well as global distribution)
  4. Equipment rental

What we hope to achieve

Cine Makers, aside from making profit, has some other goals and objectives, which are defined by the separate goals and objectives of our members, by what they wish to achieve.

  1. To promote Nepal as a global filming destination
  2. To promote the use and utilization of motion picture and film media in various areas within Nepal
  3. To provide a platform for youths and new talents to prove their skill in various aspects of filmmaking
  4. To promote the tourism in Nepal
  5. To show Nepalese stories and inspirations to a global audience

Early years 

After being founded in 2000, Cine Makers produced a wide series of feature films and documentaries, teleserials and TV series, conducted training programs in Nepal’s early film days and facilitated film discourses. Some of the popular works produced by Cine Makers are: 

Gaajal (Feature Film, 2000)
Badlindo Aakash (Tele Serial, 2002)
Khayal Khayalaima (Feature Film, 2003) Aama Ko Kakh (Feature Film, 2005)
Suruwat (Feature Film, 2005/06)
Aimai (Short Film, 2006)
Aawaj (Short Film, 2006)
Dom Jati Ek Parichaya (Documentary, 2007)
Sahakari Documentary, 2008)
Maina (Feature Film, 2010)
Bagmati (Documentary, 2012) 

Post 2010 

Post 2010, CineMakers produced less of its own content, and more for various production companies, associations, government agencies and public organizations. Cine Makers also facilitated dozens of non-profit initiatives like film workshops, trainings, debates and discourses, and public film screening programs. Some of Cine Makers’ key partners here were: 

  1. GovernmentofNepal
  2. Nepal Film Development Board (FDB) 
  3. Film Directors’ Guild of Nepal (FDGN) 
  4. Nepal Actors’ Association (NAA) 

Line Production Services & Promoting Nepal 

By 2016, Nepal was becoming increasingly popular among global film makers as a filming destination. Cine Makers saw this as an opportunity to pursue its commercial aspirations, and started preparing its team to cater to both large and small-scale film productions in Nepal in late 2016. 

In 2017 and 2018, Cine Makers worked with around a dozen foreign parties / companies in this regard, and hopes to expand its clients’ portfolio more in the future. Major clients are from the UK, India and China. Furthermore, Cine Makers has also signed agreements and memorandums with film companies and agencies in multiple countries for future work. 

Cine Makers has spent more of its time in these two years promoting Nepal as a filming destination in film expos and events all over the world, including India, Malta, USA, UK and China. In this, Cine Makers has partnered with Nepal’s government agencies Film Development Board (FDB), Nepal Tourism Board (FDB) and Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC) to promote Nepal worldwide. 

Industry service post 2016 

Remaining true to its roots and industry aspirations, Cine Makers has also involved in various non- profit social initiatives post 2016. Cine Makers is the primary film and production partner for Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) and Nepal Film & Cultural Academy (NFCA), both non-profit organizations, and has involved itself in various events and initiatives conducted by these organizations. Cine Makers will keep contributing towards the Nepalese film industry from a non- profit standpoint in the foreseeable future. 


Cine Makers has successfully navigated around two decades of tumultuous times in the Nepali film industry and has accumulated knowledge and expertise, and has created a network that covers most of the Nepalese film industry. 

The future of Cine Makers, as the team envisions it, is to be a primary facilitator of large-scale foreign productions in Nepal, and to become a key player in the line production and film fixing space by 2022. Cine Makers also has plans to expand its content catalogue and to have produce over 10 feature films and other visual contents by 2025. These are the commercial aspirations of the company. 

The future at Cine Makers will also involve actively contributing in the Nepalese film scenario through non-profit initiatives, facilitating training programs and workshops, and grooming Nepali film talents to be able to compete internationally. This will be achieved through partnerships with government bodies, NGOs and other non-profit initiatives in and out of Nepal. 


K.P. Pathak

Founder and Managing Director
Film maker, director, producer

Karun Thapa

Film technician, editor and VFX maestro

Raju K.C

Director and cinematographer extraordinaire

Deepak Bajracharya

Veteran cinematographer

Kumar Maharjan

Fight director and actor

Cine Makers is a legally registered entity with the Government of the Federal Republic of Nepal, and is legally authorized to operate by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Kathmandu District CDO. 

Cine Makers’ legal documents can be accessed here.

Cine Makers Pvt. Ltd.
Samakhusi- 29, Kathmandu 

Postal: 44600, Nepal
Skype: kppathak5
Phone: +977-4381 043
Mobile: +977 98011 31383, 9851031383

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